Baby Steps: Artificial Sweeteners

baby-child-cute-family-41313.jpegMarch 20, 2018

Hi, I’m Debbie.  I will be blogging on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Amy, my friend, will be blogging on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Fridays we will do “stuff” together and sometimes with other friends too.

Our topics on our post days are very different. They reflect our personal interests about the same subject – how to become healthier in a society that seems to want everybody to be fat and unhealthy. Do you wish to argue that fact?  I’m OK with that but I get to state my case first.

Look at the commercials on TV. They promote fast food (drive thru’s), unhealthy food (loaded with sauces and huge proportions) and highly addictive food (sugar laden). Have you noticed the pharmaceutical commercials? Cholesterol lowering meds, high blood pressure meds, diabetes meds – all can be caused by obesity.  And because we are over weight we have an industry making a fortune off of our being over weight – the diet industry with pills, books, plans, gadgets, clinics, etc. I could go on but I won’t.  Instead, let me tell you what I do want to talk about.

I want to become healthy.  Yes, I am over weight now. But I do not intend to stay that way.  Do I want to be skinny? Not any more.  I want to be healthy.  I don’t want to be a slave to my cravings and misguided desires for unhealthy food.  I don’t want my hard earned money to go into the coffers of companies that are trying to fool me into thinking their product is good for me or that I deserve an extra serving of their highly processed poison.

Whew.  I’m finished spitting out hateful rhetoric.  Now, I’m going to talk about the changes I have made that have made a world of difference in my life. I am trying my best to cut out processed food and chemically enhanced food from my diet. (By diet, I mean my eating lifestyle.) I have working on this for almost a year now and I have learned a great amount. But, I am not going to lay it all out for you now. Thus, the meaning of my Tuesday blogs – Baby steps.

Each Tuesday I will give you one bit of information that  will hopefully make your switch to clean eating a little easier.  You can adopt them as you see fit, work on them as long as you wish and incorporate them as you are able.  If I laid everything out in one fell swoop, you might become overwhelmed and give up.  That is the one thing I don’t want you to do – give up. I will do my best to keep you motivated and in turn I hope you respond and keep me motivated.  After all, like Hillary said, “it takes a village,” a community to keep us motivated and interested – even when it applies to making healthy changes.

The first baby step is a biggie – cut out all artificial sweeteners. This was very difficult for me because I was very addicted to Diet Dr. Peppers. (Is there a degree of addiction???) Most diet drinks are sweetened with aspartame – NutraSweet, Equal.  Artificial sweeteners are man made chemicals that the body was not created to process. And when the body encounters “foreign” substances that it doesn’t know what to do with, it just stores it as fat.  What are some other artificial sweeteners? Glad you asked:

ACESULFAME POTASSIUM – aka. Sunnett, SweetOne

ASPARTAME – aka. NutraSweet, Equal


SACCHARIN – aka. Sweet ‘N Low, Sweet Twin, Sugar Twin

SUCRALOSE – aka. Splenda

STEVIA/REBAUDIOSIDE – aka.  Sweet Leaf, Sun Crystals, Steviva, Truvia, Pure Via

Whenever you see the words “diet” or “sugar free” be cautious.  It will most likely have one of these man made chemicals in it.  Now I must confess here – I do use Stevia on occasion. I do sometimes allow Sweet Leaf in a product that I am ingesting.  Some day I hope to be free of all chemicals but until then I will use Stevia.  Why is Stevia even on the list? Because the sweetener is processed – they take a stevia leaf and extract the chemical they want to use.  And when something  becomes processed it becomes  an unnatural food.

So there you have it.  My baby step for today.  To some it is a true baby step because you don’t drink diet drinks anyway, but for others, this is a doozy.  Believe me, I understand and I sympathize with you.  I’ve been there.  I can tell you there is life after diet soda.  And it is wonderful.



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