Baby Steps: Textbooks & Journals

Textbooks and Journals

Good evening, all.

I must apologize for being so late to post.  I actually have been working on this since 2:00 this afternoon.  I recorded a video and I have been trying to edit and post it to YouTube for hours.  I am a novice at this but bear with me and I promise I will conquer the task eventually.

Today my baby step is making your own textbook and journal.  They are two different items but both are so necessary.

Have you ever wished there was a book made just for you that dealt with your personal situations? You know there is nothing like that out there on the market, so what is a person to do?  You make your own.  You surround yourself with information; books, magazines, documentaries, literature, etc., but you can not keep every item you have read around you at all times.  So you make a book that can hold all of the important information for you.  You can take notes from books, cut out articles and past/ tape them in your book.  You can write down motivational quotes that mean something to you. You keep up with what fits into the diet lifestyle you are creating for yourself.  This textbook is made just for you – it is about you and it is for your use only.  Make it practical but make it your style.

Next, let’s talk about a food journal.  It needs to be a separate notebook from your personal textbook.  You need to make it easy to use and keep it near you.  I have 3 columns on each page and a page for each week.  I use mine to keep up with what I am doing as well as what I am eating.  The more you use your journal the more information you will want to keep up with.  One column is for appointments: doctor, meetings, etc. The second column is for my “to do” list and the third is for tracking actual meals. Also each day I write down my weight.  Did I have a gain?  I look back over my journal and see what I was doing and eating.  Make some adjustments and get back on track.

Doing these two things for yourself will make your transition to healthy eating much easier.

Let me know what you think.  And I’ll talk to you on Thursday.


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