Keeping it Real: Making a Plan

Making a Plan

If you are anything like me, sometimes all you can do is fly by the seat of your pants. Plans don’t always workout well for me. I have Psoriatic Arthritis, so pain for me is every day—I never know when a flare is going to come and punch me in the face. I have a little boy who has autism, and most of the time he learns to cope and does well—but there are moments when he loses it, and I have absolutely no control over that (and for the record, neither does he). I have a little girl who is way to independent for her own good, and I am pretty sure she is following in my footsteps with ADHD. To say I have two very active kids is an understatement. I am a stay at home mom, so I am always cleaning up or putting away, grabbing snacks or drinks, washing and putting away clothes, trying to balance time between both kids, or cooking a family meal. It’s way too easy when I am grocery shopping to forget about me and my health needs, especially with kids grabbing for food on every isle. Thank goodness for the kid two-seater grocery cart. They love helping me drive through the store and they love saying hello to every single person they meet (even if they don’t want to). With that said, I do make plans—but I try to be flexible if they don’t come to pass.
Y’all may not know this, but we (Debbie and I) made video we wanted to post. We will try it again, but for now we are learning how to ‘vlog’. Anyway, we talked about snacks and being prepared. Cutting up celery and carrots and bagging them up to eat later. Having fun healthy dips around to dip already cut fruit and veggies in; like hummus or babaganosh or peanut sauce or a whole 30 ranch dip. Using a slice of deli cut turkey meat with a deli cut cheese and then roll it up and a quick protein power snack (plus my kids love it!). Use a mandolin to cut apple in a circle shape and put a little nut butter on it is delightful, also a kid favorite. NUTS! No really, nuts are a great way to grab a good oil and a protein for a healthy snack; just be sure to measure them out. Pickles are a great way to get a crunch if your looking for one. There are so many protein bars out that you can just carry in your purse. So, when you’re in a meeting and only have a 5 min break, or you are in between driving from doctor appointment to doctor appointment you have a quick pick me up in your purse. Be careful about which ones you choose; Lara bars or kind are good ones. Always check the label. Whatever you bite and consume you want to know what it is.
I also make a weekly mean plan. I don’t always follow it exactly, but it’s in place so I can pick and chose my breakfasts, lunches, snacks, and dinners. When I cook something, I mark it off. This also streamlines my grocery list a bit, I have a tendency to rabbit trail when I am in a grocery store with no list.
I make a plan for at least three workouts a week. I work out on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I drop my daughter off at school and I stop by the gym to do my work out. Sometimes I have to be flexible with these, and that’s ok—I just make sure I get them in.
Debbie talked about making a food journal. Keep it accessible to you. If you can’t grab it easily then your less likely to grab it and write in it. I kept a food journal this week, did I do every day—nope. But I left it by my refrigerator, so I could write in it easily. I did well! I was proud of myself.
There are lots of ways to plan for success down this weight loss road. There are so many more that I didn’t record here, but I hope this is a help to you all.

©copyright 3/29/18
Written By Amy Shaw

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