Keepin’ it Real: Set Your Future {Part One}

Set Your Future—Set Attainable Goals

We are here because want to lose weight. Our goal is to be a smaller more healthier version of ourselves. However, for some of us that goal is a long way away. Sometimes that version of our self feels so far off and so distant, sometimes we get discombobulated. We let the long view of the road ahead choke us out of the version of ourselves we want so badly. We get lost on the trail in the forest because there are so many trees, just like there are so many pounds to lose. How do we help combat that? How can we reassure ourselves? How can we help ourselves stay focused so one day we can meet the person who is smaller and more healthier just itching to come out of us?
We need to set small attainable goals. Start with losing 5 pounds. Treat yourself to a manicure or pedicure. Then once you reach that goal, go for a loss of 15 pounds. Make a girl’s night as a celebration, healthy snacks and chick flicks! When you make a goal for a bigger milestone like 50 pounds, set a weekend trip to see some sights. That’s what I am doing! My mother and I are going to Waco to visit Magnolia Farms after I lose 50. A mother daughter trip! Whoo—Hoo!

Setting small goals can help you stay focused. They can help you feel like you have accomplished something. And let’s face it, it will make you feel good about yourself. The trail in the forest that you are walking on will seem easier and less daunting. The trees will become just that, trees we are just passing by and not crowding us in. So, make so goals for yourself. Reward yourself, not with food. Reward yourself with fun things you don’t usually do for yourself or make a fun time to have with friends or family.

Set Goals!

©copyright 3/31/2018
Written by Amy Shaw

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