Keepin’ it Real: Set Your Future {Part Two}

Set Your Future—Set up Physical Reminders


I will tell you, sometimes, my old habits just want to come out to play. Sometimes it is hard to curb them. My kids are screaming, I find out that my husband is working yet another double on Easter because the people he works with don’t check in when they are supposed to. Life seems overwhelming unfair and unsatisfactory. I will tell you now, Old Amy would make a bee line for a fast food joint and stuff her face to feel better. New Amy, she still wants the fast food—but she knows it is not what she needs. How does New Amy win over her mind? She sees one of her many physical Reminders to keep pushing through—even though it’s hard.

In my car I have a small piece of paper with a small piece of town stapled to it. It says one simple phrase, “Don’t throw in the towel”. If I am driving and have the urge to eat something from fast food, I look down and that little reminder is super helpful. I helped create a blog to help keep me motivated. It helps because I don’t want to write or speak something that I am not actually doing. It keeps me honest. I have a picture quote on my phone to remind me to stay focused. I have put sticky notes on my fridge and bathroom mirror. There are so many ways to remind yourself that this journey is worth it because You are worth it!

Set up some Physical Reminders! I promise, they will help. 😊

Written by Amy Shaw
©copyright 4/3/18

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