Keepin’ it Real: Set Your Future {Part Three}

Set Your Future—Create Your Community/Understanding Failure

Sometimes, even with all our plans, even with all the goals we set, and even with all of our most well placed physical reminders—Sometimes we find ourselves letting old habits creep in anyway. We must remember that we are in a fight. We have to be diligent and determined, we also need a well thought out Plan B. But with everything that we have done to create a perfect plan, why would we need a plan B? Harsh truth: there will indeed come a point in time that even with all of our efforts to plan for success, we still fail, or we think about failing.

We need to surround with a Community that will help us to stay focused when we are about to make a bad choice and help us when we do make a bad choice and we feel guilty. A friend, a family member, people in a community like us here—all are great choices. This community is exactly why Debbie and I decided to create this blog site. We needed a place to express ourselves and also to help us find like minded people who are struggling to be healthy. It’s not easy, this road.

When we are about to drive through a fast food place, I know I can call Debbie and tell her what I am about to do, and she will tell me not too. I know that I can count on her for moral support when I am going through something that I want to medicate with food. I know that I can expect that same from my husband. We need people in our lives that want to help us in our journey. We need people who are a positive influence. People who will not knock us down if we fail.

Failing is going to be apart of this journey. I have come to terms with that. I don’t always do exactly as I say I do, surprise surprise—but who does. I understand that in my success that I AM GOING to have with my weight loss and my learning to live a healthy lifestyle—I will have failure. Setbacks. I understand that I am way harsher of a judge on myself than Debbie or my husband is on me. I need their perspective when dealing with failure. If it wasn’t for them, I really do believe that this journey would end, and I would literally eat myself into an early grave.


Community is important. It’s wonderful to have someone to talk to about things you find out or recipes you want to try. But it is essential to find people who will be a positive influence on you in the face of your failure. It’s ok to fail, its how we learn to do better. It’s how get to the finish line of this race. And we all need people cheering for us while we run it.


Create a Community or Join One.

It’s that important.



Written by Amy Shaw
©copyright 4/3/18

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