Friend Friday

Hello all,

Welcome to real life.  Amy and I have been extremely busy and did not get to post yesterday which was Friend Friday.  But never fear because we did do something special and I am here now to share it with you.

Amy and I went on a field trip – to a local farmers market.  Down in Alvin Texas there is a wonderful, family owned and operated farm and they sell their produce to the public.


Right now is strawberry season and they have planted many acres in the bright red jewels.  Just pay a dollar for a bucket and you can go pick your own. (You do pay for what you pick by the pound.) Many families come out each year to load up on the berries and they bring the kiddies too.


Of course they have a lot of other fresh fruits and veggies there.  Most are fresh off of their farm but they do supplement their fare with offerings from other farms/locations.  This way they can be your one stop shopping experience for all of your fruits and vegetables.


This is Amy looking at all of the dried fruits and legumes they offer.

One of the items that I purchased was fresh pinto beans.  Yes, freshly picked that morning.  I’ve already cooked them up and boy, were they ever good.  I seasoned them with some of the smoked sausage that I bought from the man who has a smoked meats shop adjacent to Froberg’s.


My beans had some home smoked meat, onions, garlic pepper, salt and vegetable broth. I made a large enough pot of beans to eat several meals and then I’ll freeze the rest to eat later in the year.  Some day I may come in starving and not in the mood to cook and rather than go to a fast food joint, I’ll pop the frozen pintos in the microwave.  Then I will have a clean meal ready in minutes.  Hmm, I think Amy covered making plans in a recent post.  I think I just made one. 🙂

Look for farmers markets in your area.  That is the best place to get the freshest fruits and vegetables. Look for what is in season and stock up.  Just think how delicious those strawberries are going to taste next winter.

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