Trip to Sprouts

Happy Friend Friday, all.

Amy and I went to check out a new grocery store in our area (new to us, anyway).  It is Sprouts located on FM 518 east of Hwy 288 in Pearland, Texas.  We had a great time, as usual – we always do when we are together – and found out a lot of cool things.

Sprouts specializes in healthy for you foods and products.  The majority of products are all natural or organic.  The store is clean and easy to navigate.  They have everything you would need for your home from make-up to cleaning products and from fresh produce and meats to frozen foods.


We started in the bakery section looking especially for gluten free products. They had plenty to choose from.  With Amy having Psoriatic Arthritis and her son being autistic, she has found that gluten is very unhealthy for both of them.  It causes very painful flare ups for her and seems to interfere with her son’s coping abilities.  She and I tried out a gluten free brownie that I found and it was MOST delicious.


Next we wandered over to the prepared food, meats and cheeses.  There were lots to choose from.  They even had ground elk if a person so desired. Their fresh meats at the butcher counter were very nice and reasonably priced for the quality.  They specialize in grass-fed beef and humanely processed meats.  I even noticed that the veal said it was community raised calves (as in a group or small herd).  I still won’t eat veal but if a person was inclined to, I would think community raised would be best.


The butcher is not happy with me taking pictures and he asked me to stop.  I have no problem with that.  He mentioned the copying other chains might do but I will tell you there is no other chain that has this nice of a store.  I wish Sprouts were closer so I could shop there all of the time.

The reason Amy and I go out to places like Sprouts and our trip to Frobergs in Alvin is to help make your transition to clean eating easier.  By helping you find stores that understand your desire to be healthier and your need to make your choices easier, we all benefit.  Amy and I find the products we need and you learn about another resource in your search for better health.

I hope you are looking forward to next Friday’s, Friend Friday.  If all goes as planned we will be hosting a dinner party (small) with some of the cauliflower recipes featured by Amy this past month.  She is a fantastic cook so I am looking forward to this.

Have a great weekend and I’ll talk to you later.



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