Health Update Journal: Third Doctor Appointment

Well, I am proud to say I have lost 10 lbs this visit. So I am on my well on my way to getting my surgery late this summer. I am so happy. The doctor is so happy at how well I am doing and the progress I have made. He seemed happy with where my head is at.

My head:
I know that this surgery is not a fix all cure all. It’s a first step in really getting my body healthy. I am so overweight that walking in Walmart is often very hard for me to do. I’m not saying that to make you feel pity, I did do this to myself. This surgery will help me shed some pounds, so I can better achieve my weight loss and health goals.


I know that in the end I am still going to have to lose weight by normal way, diet and exercise. There will come a time after surgery that I will plateau. Meaning, my body will like where it is even if I don’t. At that point it is up to me to watch what I eat, how much I eat, and moving my body daily.


I know that there are certain things that will be hard for me to digest after surgery, they will make me sick. Since I know this, I am making these changes now. I cut gluten out because of my Psoriatic Arthritis and Lupus. I cut sodas out, they will just make me stick after surgery. I won’t be able to handle caffeine like I used to, so I have switched to water and hot tea. Being borderline diabetic, I also have cut down my carbs way down. So, I pretty much eat lean meats and fish, and fresh veggies and fruit.


Overall, a very successful doctor trip. I have about two more weigh ins and then we can schedule the surgery. Keep me in you prayers!


©copyright 4/21/18
Written by: Amy Shaw

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