Keeping it real: Love Yourself

We have to learn to love ourselves. If we can’t love ourselves, then how can we think of progressing in our health journey. Let’s face a truth, if we loved ourselves we would not be in this predicament of being over weight in the first place. It’s a circle of shame, regret, guilt, and hate. It’s a circle that we have to break in order to really see a difference in us. I am not asking you to become vain, but I am asking you to find the small things that make you you and celebrate them and love them—in spite of the hate that you feel when you look in a mirror.


Start small. I know with me I wore the normal yoga pants and stained shirt with no make up and hair up in an untidy bun—pretty much my go to outfit. How do I look? I looked exactly how I felt about me. I hated me. I still do, but I am working on it. I know that it’s a start. I started taking care of my skin better. I put powder on and lipstick when I go out, even if it’s just to Walmart. I try to find a non-stained shirt. Like I said start little.


Start doing thing to make you proud of yourself. Eating puts us that bad habitual circle but try working out. That will break the circle and will give you an activity that you can be proud of yourself for. Again, start small. It all depends on how much you can do. You can eventually work up to what your exercise goals are, be proud that you are starting. Every baby rolls over and pulls up first before they crawl and walk. It is no different for us with exercise.


I will tell you what forget your past and forgive yourself of it. This is the start of the new you. The past is exactly that, over and done. Use the present to pursue your health goals, and your future you will look back on a past that makes her smile and be proud of, instead of guilty and full of shame. Be in the present and focus on learning to love you. No one else can make you be healthy, that’s on you (and me).


Love Yourself.


© copywrite 4/29/18
Written by Amy Shaw

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