Hello all.

I hope your Tuesday went well.  Mine was busy and took up more of my time than I had anticipated.  But, I’m happy to be able to get around and help others who can’t get out easily.

Today the baby step is not a small one.  On the contrary it is a pretty big one.  It’s time to clean up our pantry, or cupboard as some would say.  Why?  Because we are working towards eating more cleanly and if you are like me, I’ve purchased a lot of food that was not clean before making the commitment to a healthier lifestyle.  I bought things like popular breakfast cereals, canned vegetables and fruit, rice, vegetable oil, sugar and so much more.  At one time I felt like these items were necessities that needed to be stocked in case I had a craving (my southern roots wants to say ‘hankering for’) or other need for them. We all have foods that are in our pantry that we need to get rid of and I am no exception.

What kind of foods? Any thing that is processed: bottled sauces, dressings, canned meals (like chili and Speghetti-os). Canned vegetables (read the label and get rid of anything that is not just the vegetable and water), packet mixes, ready meals and unhealthy oils.  You know the kind of things that I’m talking about.

Now, I am not such as purist that I can say  just throw out these things.  I too live on a very tight budget so I can not afford to throw all of those things out and run to the store and buy new.  If you need to, use them up but do not replace them with the same bad-for-you things.  As you get rid of them, buy the healthy stuff.  Or, if you are ready to make a change to healthy quicker, give the food to a food bank or a friend who does not share your affection for healthier products.  Food costs too much to just throw it out.  Share your abundance so others can benefit from you going clean too. 🙂

So this week work on clearing out your pantry.  Get rid of the unhealthy products and start replacing them with clean products.  Besides, you’ll enjoy looking at a fresh new pantry when you get through.

By for now.


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