Health Update Journal: Waiting…..


I am the worlds worst waiter. I have absolutely no patience when it comes to certain things. Today will be a bit of a rant, I’m afraid. Sorry, friends. 😊

I was told by my Surgeon that everything for my weight loss surgery was on point, except the insurance fired back with one unusual request. The insurance needs another letter from one of my doctors saying that they recommend the surgery for me. I have been trying since Friday to get one or both of my other doctors to write a simple letter stating that the surgery would benefit me and for them to sign it. Two three minutes tops to write this thing, I am getting frustrated. I called my general Doctor and talked to her person who handles the insurance. She basically told me that she sent my request over and that’s all she could do. She then told me if I needed it sooner I could schedule an appointment I could do that. I asked her since it would be such quick visit would I have to pay. She said yes. I asked her how she sent my request to the doctor. She said email. I am sitting there thinking, email—really? So, I asked her to let her know personally, I mean they do work in the same office. She said well I guess I can print it out and give it to her. I just rolled my eyes and said thank you that would be wonderful. Needless to say, said letter still has yet to happen.

I looked up some waiting quotes on google. You know what a lot of them have to do with the Bible. I was reminded that even if I was waiting, I still needed to be patient. It’s not the end of the world that I don’t have this letter. It’s not like its not going to get done. I know it will. It may not be in the time frame that I want, but it will get done. I have to take comfort in that and try not to let the way that they run an office infuriate me. I have been “in charge” of an office before, and my Doctor who was my boss would have written me up for something like this, especially if the patient called three times (yes, I did). It’s the end game that matters, getting the surgery and the ultimate goal—getting healthy.

So as an update, I am waiting for a letter to come. Once it is done, we will send it to insurance and then we can schedule the surgery (according to the insurance lady at my surgeon’s office).

I know everybody is waiting for something. I encourage you to not let the waiting get the best of you. Know that God has purpose in the wait. You may not know it yet, but soon you will, and you can have your ‘a-ha’ moment then. I promise, God’s got this—whatever you’re waiting for. Stay strong, don’t let the frustration with waiting pull you into old bad habits. Keep plugging. Stay determined. Stay focus on the end goal—getting healthy.

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© copyright 5/1/18
Written By: Amy Shaw

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