My mother-in-law is a 95 year old fiesty woman. She is wheel chair bound but that doesn’t get her down. She gets up every day, gets dressed and goes to the senior center and helps get lunch ready for the seniors who come out. She also goes to church every Sunday morning, rain or shine. Oh, and did I mention that she is in constant pain?

Yes, she has some extreme physical pain but she doesn’t let it stop her. It slows her down, yes, but she keeps on plugging away and doing her best. She told me that she used to answer that she was fine whenever anyone would ask her how she was. One day her preacher told her she shouldn’t say that if she wasn’t fine. She took his comment to heart and since then she just says she’s a doin and a doin.

How many times do we let the littlest thing cause us to make bad decisions? We justify what we do/eat with our feelings. Something happens and we get frustrated and then we drive thru the nearest fast food establishment to eat our feelings. We’ve all been there. Why just today I was so tired from spending 10 hours taking different people to appointments that I justified a Sonic stop for supper. I was hungry and I wanted something quick and familiar.

I need to adopt my mother-in-laws’ philosophy. Instead of focusing on my discomfort and using it to complain, I need to just say, I’m a doin and a doin and go on about my business.

So next time you think you deserve a treat or some chemical laden food, think about my mothermother-in-law and keep on striving to eat clean. Just keep on a doin and a doin.

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