This Months Veggie: The Power of Zucchini

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The Zucchini is an amazing vegetable. It is in the same family as pumpkins, squash, and cucumber. The flowers of the zucchini are editable and are used in French and Italian cuisine for dressing meals or garnishing fresh fruit. It is the vegetable of the month and it has so many different uses and has so many benefits for us. Put zucchini in your fridge as a staple in your home. Your health will thank you.
It is good for our heart. It contains goods amounts of potassium that helps with reducing our blood pressure. It also breaks down an enzyme that causes heart attacks and strokes because of it moderate level of folate that breaks down amino acids. The Magnesium helps in keeping Blood pressure down and the heart rate steady.
It is good for those of us who are trying to lose weight. It is an incredibly low calories veggie. Being the zucchini is such a versatile veggie, using it to substitute for a high calorie item makes it a staple in kitchen. The fiber content of this veggie helps in burning fat in the body. It also helps hydrate the body because it is 95 % water.
It is good for eye health. Just as using a cucumber to take bags away from under eyes, zucchini can do the same thing. Eating it helps with active cell development in the eyes; it enhances vision and helps in preventing age related medical conditions that could happen to the eyes. This all due to carotenoid Beta-carotene in the veggie.
It helps with Asthma or Immune system issues. Because of the veggie being a good source of vitamin C, it has been said to help with Asthma. It is also this vitamin C that helps keep the immune system healthy and fighting respiratory problems. It also has anti-inflammatory properties the help keeps lungs open and clear.
It strengthens teeth and bone. The calcium found in zucchini helps the nervous system to function properly and gives strength to bones and teeth.
Recent studies show that it assists in reducing symptoms of prostatic hypertrophy, a condition where there is an enlargement of the prostate gland. The anti-inflammatory properties can also really help in the protection against diabetes.

Green Zucchini
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© copyright 5/12/18
Written By Amy Shaw

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