Good Tuesday, all.

Today is not such a small step.  Actually, it’s a pretty big one.  It’s time to quit going to fast food “restaurants.”  Yep, I went there.  Or rather, I didn’t go there – to eat.

If you are serious about trying to be healthier and you are striving to eat clean, then fast food joints have got to go.  Let’s face it, they don’t call it junk food for nothing.


In a recent article I read that you can’t even be sure of the eggs you get at these places.  The only two places that had plain eggs were McDonald’s in their Egg McMuffin and Jack in the Box in their Breakfast Jack.  Every other fast food joint added things to their eggs (and I don’t mean veggies) and used fillers to bulk up the quantity of egg.  And it’s not just eggs.  They use all kinds of additives to preserve the food so it will last longer before being cooked.  And the salt!  I went for about 3 months without going to a Whataburger – if you are not from Texas, you need to know that Whataburger makes the best hamburger in the world – and when I ate my favorite #1 with cheese, I was taken aback with the taste of salt.  I never noticed it before because I was used to eating it at least 2 – 3 times a month.


You might think that getting a salad at the local drive thru would be OK, but check it out.  They too have preservatives and believe me they do not use organic produce so there could still be traces of pesticides on the veggies.  What about using products that are GMO?  You don’t know where they get their produce or how clean it is.

See what I mean about fast food places?  There is too much that we don’t know and some of the stuff we do know scares us to death.  It is better to eat what you prepare yourself.  Is it time-consuming? In the beginning it may be but eventually you will get into a routine so that preparing healthy food will become what your body  craves.

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