BABY STEPS (Wednesday edition)

Happy Wednesday all.

It’s been rainy here in the Houston area for a few days. But that’s fine with me. I love rainy days plus everything is so green when the sun comes out.

Today our baby step is about planning ahead. Not the menu’s and shopping but the “what ifs.”

Tomorrow I am taking my 87 year old mother on a 10 day road trip to visit relatives. I did not call them up and say that I only eat clean and fresh. I am not going to lecture them about the evils of processed foods and turn up my nose in derision at the food they set before me. But what I am going to do is eat sensibly and bring some of my own foods to supplement my meals with some less processed items. I am packing nuts, almond butter, whole wheat crackers, fresh fruit, cereal made from organic ingredients and things like that. I packed my high Ph water and some stevia for just in case.

But planning ahead doesn’t apply just to taking trips. What about those days when you are just too tired to cook a meal. Do you pray for forgiveness and head to McDonald’s? Well, you don’t have to if you planned for times like that.

How about keeping pizza in the freezer for an easy meal? I found a really good cauliflower crust pizza that had very little processing or unhealthy additives.

It even tastes really good too.

And speaking of frozen food, when you are cooking a meal, why not make double and freeze the extra. That’s an easy go-to for those busy days.

Well, I hope I’ve started you thinking and planning for the “what ifs.” It really does free up your time and gives you more time to take it easy.

Bye for now.


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