BABY STEPS (Thursday Edition)


Hello, all.

Why am I posting Tuesday’s Baby Steps on Thursday? Well, I could give you a lot of excuses – after all, when you are making excuses any excuse will do. But, you and I are being truthful with each other.  I have been depressed.

I didn’t realize the truth until yesterday.  I have been eating fast food for two days and blaming it on being extra busy taking friends to doctor’s appointments and getting things done for a church retreat that begins tomorrow.  I had let my kitchen chores slide – telling myself that I would get to them later and that I was just too tired to put away groceries or wash the few dishes in my sink.  And while I was on vacation, the ceiling in my downstairs bathroom had developed a leak – a bad one.  So, I found myself sitting in my recliner, eating, and bemoaning my life.

I finally made myself get up and put away my groceries.  With a clean kitchen counter I decided it wouldn’t take too much time to wash the few dishes in my sink  before I headed back to my place of refuge, my recliner.  After all, I was missing all of the old T.V. reruns of sitcoms from the 90’s.  To be honest, it did not take even a half hour to completely clean my kitchen, including  wiping down the stove top and throwing out some veggies that had gone really, really bad.

The next day when I got up I went to the kitchen for my breakfast and was delighted to grab something healthy – everything was right where it should be and fixing something was so easy.  Then when I was out taking a friend on another appointment, I was able to turn down the fast food because I knew I had something better waiting at home in my clean kitchen where I could get to it easily.

What sets off these bouts of depression?  There are lots of factors but the results are usually the same.  I let things slide, blame myself and decide to self medicate with fast food.  Luckily, this time I snapped out of it faster than usual.  I am beginning to recognize the clues quicker.

So, what is my baby step for today?  Keep a clean kitchen.  Don’t let having no counter space or too many dirty dishes wreck all of your progress. I know that I am not the only one who does this.  What about you? What do you let wreck your good intentions?

My Mother always said she enjoyed starting her day with a clean kitchen.  It made the rest of her day go smoothly.  Now I know what she means.  It is a pleasure to turn on the kitchen light in the morning and know that all is in its’ place and ready for me to tackle my day the right way – the healthy way.

Bye for now,


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