Health Update Log & Keeping it Real: The Time is Here!!


This past month and a half has been so surreal for me. I have been very ill twice, I have had schedule change issues with my autistic son because it’s summer (he likes routine), I had a special and dear to my heart family member pass, and I (as well as my doctors office) have been fighting insurance for my weight loss surgery. I am sure you read some of my past few blogs, I was down—obviously. I tried to keep myself positive and I tried to stay on top of my game when it came to food. Because as a lot of you know when emotions are high eating seems to help, although not really—we just like the instant gratification and feel good feeling. Emotional eating really only last a second, and then all the emotional feeling you were trying to drown just comes back. I was mostly good, I won’t lie. I did make some not so good choices. Yet, I still plugged along.

It is absolutely mind blowing to look into a situation and think, this is absolutely hopeless. I can’t even get my insurance to pay for the surgery to help me lose weight, and I am supposed to be covered! I was denied twice! It was just so infuriating, and I felt like the world was against me on this. But somehow God worked, and I have some news!

I am getting my stomach sleeve surgery done June 29, 2018! I am super excited, and I am super nervous. I am not sure what to expect with my recipes, as I will be drinking fluids for about a month or so. So, you may not see too many recipes. However, I will be blogging and video blogging (on our Facebook page) about my progress and life changes. I sure hope that y’all will follow along with me on my journey, it’s about to get really good!

Above, I have some pictures of what the surgery will do to my stomach and I have some pictures of before and after who had this same surgery from other people. I also have some motivational Bible verses to help you stay focused and do what you have to do to get where you want weight wise, and also (and more importantly) health wise.

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©copywrite 6/14/18
Written by Amy Shaw-Chilson

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