Keeping it Real: I think I misunderstood that….

Written By Amy Shaw
© copyright 6/25/18


While living in the pre-operation diet for two weeks two things have become blatantly clear to me about people with weight issues (also known as ME).
#1) Portion size
#2) the ‘NEED’ to eat

Holy cow! I chose this path. I ate myself here. I am also the one who chose to have this surgery. So, I am not complaining. It’s not been easy, but that’s a good thing. I am learning a lot about myself. Stuff that I knew but I am still surprised at, mostly because I didn’t realize how bad it was—is.

First of all, lets talk about Portion size.

We all know that if we go to a restaurant we can cut the meal in half or sometimes even thirds and have leftovers. Which is something that we should do…but we tend to eat it all. Yet even that, I am learning is too much food even if we split it. During my diet of two weeks before my operation, the first four days is called a low-calorie diet. Sounds simple. It is; however, the portions may leave you wanting. You can have ½ of an English muffin and 4 slices of turkey meat as a meal. That’s it. For a snack, a small apple or ½ of a banana. See what I am saying? A dinner for me would consist of a small piece of chicken—grilled, a cup of veggies, and ½ cup of rice. That. Is. It. See what I mean? Our portion size is absolutely too big. I thought I was doing well, but this diet has taught me different. While I was eating healthy, my portion size—even though I made it smaller than usual—was still too big.

Second, lets talk about the ‘NEED’ to eat.

The next 8 days in my pre-operation diet are considered full liquids. Protein shakes, sugar free pudding, cream of chicken, and the like have been my go to food staples. While my family ate what I cooked for dinner for them I sat and ate soup. It’s not been easy. I have realized that my need to want to eat has been rising like a monster from the shadows. I am sometimes able to keep him at bay, but sometimes—well it’s like he takes over. I can honestly say for the most part I have kept to my full liquids, but I have had a few mistakes. I have realized that I need more help in killing this monster that lives inside me—stupid ‘NEED’ Monster! I have decided to help me in this to start going to OA (Over eaters Anonymous). Even after surgery, I will still have to deal with the ‘NEED’ monster.

So, for now that is it. Tomorrow I go to the doctor for the last time before surgery. So, I will have a Health Update up soon as well. Please keep me in your prayers. Remember that there is always hope. Remember that you can do this. Remember it’s ok to make mistakes but learn from them and keep plugging along. Don’t forget your goal. Most importantly, remember that YOU ARE WORTH ALL THIS AGRIVATION!!!!!

Love you all,


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