Surgery is TODAY!!

Hey everyone!

Prayers Please! I have worked so hard for this day these past few months. I have changed what I drink and what I ate, how much I ate, and even when I ate. I went through a pre-operation diet. And now today is the DAY!!

I will be having my stomach Sleeve surgery around 11 am today. I have had two C-sections, so we are hoping that there is not a lot of scar tissue so we can do this surgery laparoscopically. If there is too much scar tissue, I will have to be opened up fully for the surgery.

I am very nervous. Yet, I am excited as well. I have been working hard for this day. While I know this surgery is not the end all beat all for my weight-loss journey. I do know  that it is an awesome tool that will help me achieve my health and weight-loss goals.


Again, please keep me in your prayers!

Visit our Facebook page, The Diary of 2 Former Fat Girls, for updates and videos about my progress throughout the day and throughout my recovery time.


Love to you All!



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