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Happy Independence Day, July 4th.  I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable day with family and friends.

Today’s baby step is one that will make fixing fresh food easier and quicker – and that makes every cook happy.  Meal prep.  Amy is really good at this when she prepares a meal.  She looks the recipe over several times and gets all of the ingredients out.  She then prepares each ingredient and puts it in a container until it is time to add it to the mixture.  You know, measure out 1 1/2 tsp of cumin, 1/2 cup of milk etc.  Then as she prepares the dish everything is at her fingertips and ready to go.  I admire that about her.  I also admire that she is a really good cook but that is a story for another day. 🙂

Another way to meal prep is to fix a larger amount and use it for several days.  I’m talking about browning 2 lbs of grass-fed hamburger meat and freezing the second pound for later, boil a whole chicken and shred it so you can have chicken for two or three meals. Make a really large salad to eat on for a few days.  Chop up the extra ingredients for the salad like the tomatoes, onions and peppers and store them separately so they will not wilt the greens.  Also, the chopped onions and peppers can be used for omelets or hamburger fixings.  You see where I’m going with this?

The whole point is to be prepared ahead of time so you don’t get in a bind when it is time to fix something to eat.  If you have some shredded chicken and salad fixings you can have a salad with grilled chicken or you can have chicken soft tacos.  Add a side of black beans or pintos that you made a large pot of the other day and you are good to go.

Also if you make a large pot of something, it is great to freeze the leftovers in meal sized portions.  That too is a quick meal when you get home from the water park and everyone is starving.

Yes, being prepared requires a little extra effort up front but the benefits far out weigh the extra effort.  So the baby step this week is to incorporate meal prep in your eating clean strategy.

Bye for now.


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