Today’s baby step is to take a few minutes to take a look at how far you have come on making the changes you wanted to make.

Let’s look back at some of the items we have discussed.  Did you make your personal textbook for your journey?  Here is mine.


I have included recipes, definitions, quotes, pictures and more.  I love to read magazines and cut out the things that attract my attention.


This is a typical page.  I would love to see your textbook.  Please take a picture and show it to me. 🙂

Recently, I talked about creating a positivity board to help you stay encouraged.  Here is mine.


It looks a little naked because it is a work in progress.  As I come across things that mean something special to me, I will add them to my board.  I keep my board next to my recliner because that is where I do my reading and research.  I spend several hours a week doing this and I am always on the lookout for new material and resources.

Did you eliminate artificial sweeteners?  Was it hard for you?  Were you surprised to find them in almost everything that had the words “diet” or “lite” on it? I was.  I was heart-broken when I realized my Diet Dr. Pepper was laced with Aspartame – one of the worst artificial sweeteners on the market. Since I was giving up my Dr. Pepper, I decided to also gave up caffeine.  That is not one of the things that clean eating says you should give up.  It was just a decision on my part for me and I have not regretted it once.

How about giving up fast food?  That one was a little difficult for me.  I had a hard time believing that the food that the restaurant says is freshly cooked was not good for me.  Then I began to read articles from reputable sites and I couldn’t dispute them.  I began to come home to eat the food that I prepared myself and I found that I was saving money as well as cutting out lots of preservatives, excess sodium and chemicals that I just didn’t need in my body.  I really began to feel better.

What are some of the baby steps that you found challenging?  Were there any that you just couldn’t do?  Are there any that you have postponed until you bet a better grip on the changes you have already made?  I am interested in how this is affecting you.

Are you feeling better yet?  Have you seen any changes in your cravings?  Have you seen any changes in your weight and have your clothes started fitting looser?  Let me know.

So in recap, today’s baby step is to step back and evaluate the positive changes you have made.  What is working and what is not. Are there changes you need to make or can you post your own success story on your positivity board?

Bye for now.


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