Mindful Monday

Hello, all.

I’m pretty sure you noticed my recent absence on this site. What happened? Life. I’m sure we all have been disrupted by life at one time or another. It really can’t be avoided. Some days go as you planned and some get kicked all out of shape – usually due to no fault of your own. It’s just life.

But the big question is not “what happened?” but rather, “what did you do about it?” Everyone gets thrown for a loop once in a while but how you react is all up to you. Did you let it ruin all of your previous efforts or did you decide to not let it control you? There are things you need to do before life throws you for a loop so you can have a plan of action all ready in place.

First of all, you need to realize this is just a bump in the road and not the bottomless pit of dispare. Everything is manageable. You need to realize that everything is temporary and this too will pass.

Next, what is the worst thing you could do in this situation? Now promise that that will never happen! Do the opposite instead. Don’t allow yourself time for a pity party.

Next realize that you are important and how you live is important. Don’t let this cause you to give up your healthy life style. This is not an all clear to go back to junk food and heavily processed foods.

Lastly, get a hold of the person you can talk to honestly. Brainstorm about how to handle this situation. You are capable of making all kinds of bad decisions when left by yourself. A friend who knows you and knows what your life is about will help you plan a wise course of action.

Now, not all things life throws at you are as big as say losing your job. So determine what is important to you and do not throw it away because of set backs.

As for me, I am kicking around these ideas with you and applying them to myself. I have determined that eating clean and eliminating toxins from my life is important and my recent problems will not undermine all of the good changes I’ve made over the last year. I am recommitting to being healthier and not throwing all of my good efforts away.

So I’m back. My problems of the past 7 days are temporary. I had a few days of unhealthy food but I will not go back to a way of eating that was wrecking my health.

God is good and He is giving me a “do over.” I plan to make the best of it. 🤗

Bye for now.


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