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Good Saturday morning, all.

Have you ever read something and thought it aptly applied to you? You kind of feel like it was left just for you to see.  I get that a lot when I read the Bible.  And I get it pretty often from other sources too.

Like today, for instance.  I was on Instagram and found this jewel:

“You can’t defeat the demons you enjoy playing with.”

D. L. Hugley

Bam!  This is so meant for me to read.  That’s exactly what I do. I know that sugar is harmful and addicting. I should leave it alone but I don’t.  I think one more (fill in the blank) and I won’t eat it again.  And then I hate myself for eating it and swear I will never do that again.  Until tomorrow when a different sugared item calls my name.  I keep playing with the one thing that causes extreme harm to my body and mind.  That’s like someone lighting matches to see the fire.  One of those times the match is going to catch something on fire and do real harm.  You never know which time until it happens and the same goes for my eating just one little sugared item.

Another gem that I wrote in my personal text-book (we covered personal text-books in one of my earliest blogs 🙂 ) is:

“The only obstacles to your success are the barriers you place there.”

My 600 Pound Life (TLC) 6/21/2018

This really applies to me.  I throw up road blocks all of the time.  Things like, going out to eat with a friend and letting them pick the restaurant knowing it won’t be the healthiest choice.  Then when I chose something ridiculous,  I can blame it on them. Why don’t I pull a gun out and shoot myself in the foot; I cause the same harm when I reliquish my health to someone else.

To end this post on a positive note, here is a great quote from Jane Goodall:

“Everything you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”

Decide to make a good difference in your life and the lives of your family.  Make the move to eating more healthily.  You can start by making one change and sticking to it.  Yes, sticking to it – that will be the biggest difference you can make and one of the biggest influences you can have on others.  Sticking to it.

Bye for now.





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