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Good Friday, everybody.

Several times I thought about posting yesterday for FYI Thursday but I just wasn’t “excited” about the topic I was going to post.  But, today, I picked up my home-made text-book and a quote that I had written jumped out at me and started my mind to churning (better my mind and not my stomach. Ha-ha) So, what does this picture of a fork have to do with anything?

It has to do with EVERYTHING. I found this quote from Dr. Mark Hyman, “What you do with your fork impacts everything.”  Wow! Think about this.  You can not get truly and completely healthy from the outside in – it must be from the inside out.

You can start an exercise regimen and be totally faithful to it but if you continue to fuel your body with  unhealthy food, you will have a better looking package with rotten contents.  Do you want to be healthy and have a stronger body?  Then you’ve got to get serious about what you put on your fork.

If you are going to the kitchen to prepare a meal, is it any more time-consuming or labor intensive to make it healthy?  Or do you convince yourself that a sandwich and chips are all you have time for? If you had some carrots or celery or tomatoes on hand (and you should), dress up that sandwich and skip the chips.  That took no extra time and is way more healthy.  Are you cooking for the family? Skip the mac and cheese and serve cauliflower with slight cheese on it.  As long as you have a little cheese, the kids won’t mind what is under it.

Another aspect of watching what goes on your fork is mindfulness.  How many bad decisions have we made by just grabbing something and shoving it in our mouth? I’ve made plenty.  Instead, have healthy things ready to reach for. It will require us to think ahead and plan for these situations – that’s what I mean by being mindful.

Your FYI tip is to treat your fork as your friend.  Put only healthy things on it to put in your mouth.  Then you can go for a walk if you like.  After all, it’s great to have beautiful insides but it is the outside that people see. 🙂

Bye for now.


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