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Good afternoon, all.

Today I want to talk about bread.  Both Oprah and I love bread.  And bread must love me because it hangs around on my body for a long time. 🙂  Now, we all know that the plain white, sliced sandwich bread we grew up with is not the healthiest for us.  Neither is brown colored wheat bread.  We have been educated to eat whole wheat, or whole grain bread instead.  And I’m OK with that.  As a matter of fact, my new favorite bread is made by Kroger’s and it’s called Simply Balanced ancient grains.  I also like their Quinoa bread too.  It makes a fine sandwich and buttered toast.  But, do we have to eat bread for our sandwiches?

Not really. There is a great alternative that can be just as interesting as bread.  You can use different types of lettuce.  I even saw at Kroger’s that they have already cut and prepared leaves for just this usage.  They had romaine wrap leaves and butter lettuce leaves (some places call this Boston lettuce).  You can even use the large outer leaves of a head of iceberg lettuce.  One of the best hamburgers I ever ate was between two large lettuce leaves.  After all, I eat a burger for what’s between the top and bottom not for the bread. How about you?  How about a BLT?  Skip the bread and wrap that bacon and tomatoes with really nice lettuce.  Sloppy Joes?  Yep, use lettuce.  It may be a little sloppy but were you expecting it to be nice and clean?  Experiment.  What can you eat with lettuce instead of bread?  Give me some of your ideas.

So today’s baby step is really an easy one.  Substitute lettuce leaves for your bread once in a while.  Be adventuresome.  Be brave.  Be inspired.

Bye for now.


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