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Old habits.  They feel comfortable.  They are easy to fall back on.  They are going to kill you. Wow! That upsets me as much as I hope it upsets you. It’s true though, isn’t it?  Our old habits are what got us into our mess in the first place. Habits like going for happy meals, ordering pizza, half price cheeseburgers at Sonic, grabbing a bucket of chicken and on top of it all, a giant-sized diet soda.  Chemicals, additives, hydrogenated fats, high sodium counts and sugar, sugar and more sugar.  Yes, at one time we thought we were doing the right things – feeding out families. Only now we know better – with all of our best intentions, we were doing more harm than good. Obese children, type 2 diabetes, clogged arteries and a whole list of acute illnesses directly related to our eating habits.

“Keep your clean-eating efforts – and weight loss – on track with mindful eating strategies and lifestyle tweaks that prevent old habits from tripping you up.” Prevention Magazine and Wendy Bazilian with Marygrace Taylor

Thus begins a great article on how to stick to the new clean-eating attitude you have adopted.  It tells us how to create new habits and how to stick to them when old habits try to call us back to the unhealthy side.

  1. Be a planner.  Plan to plan if you must but be a planner.  Borrowing from the Boy Scout motto, “Be Prepared.”  That’s really what planning is all about.  Another old but really good adage is, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”  Now, ain’t that the truth.  We need to have our weekly menu’s planned out, our grocery list made out and a contingency plan incase we have to do something other than what we had planned.  Always have a go-to meal incase you get home late, or practice lasts longer than expected or you have to make a trip to the after hours clinic for a minor injury.  You don’t want to have a ready excuse to fall back on old habits, you want a go-to plan that will block that old habit.
  2. Use your Go-tos.  Who says scrambled eggs and toast with tomatoes is just for breakfast?  Have a ready list of easy go-tos to make your life easier.  There is no need to come up with something fresh and new every day.  There is something wonderful about comfort food go-tos.  They are easy, healthy and a winner for everybody.
  3. Pay attention to portions.  It may be a  healthy food but eating too much is still bad for you.  How much is a serving size?  We need to be smart about what we are doing and realize what constitutes a serving.
  4. Focus on hunger and fullness.  We may think we have this under control but step back and take a hard look at your eating habits.  Do you eat because your body says it needs to refuel or does the clock say we ought to be hungry therefore we must eat.  And then when you are eating, do you stop when you are comfortably satiated or do you keep on eating until your plate (and serving bowl) is empty?  Drink some water before you eat.  Also, drink some water when you think you are getting full.  This will help you slow down and notice where you are in your refueling process.
  5. Be honest when you let your eating-clean habits slide. Be honest but don’t beat yourself up.  Be aware, make the proper adjustment and move on.  It is inevitable that you will have a slip up or two.  Just don’t let it wreck all of the good you have done.
  6. Maintaining your momentum.  Just like a New Year’s resolution, keeping the excitement alive becomes a real chore.  Eventually things become ho-hum.  The newness wears off and we become bored.  That’s when you have to be the most careful.  That is when old habits come to tease you and try to lure you back to the unhealthy side. Try something new like a new recipe, a new food, a new food market.  Don’t settle for the same old same old.  Also set a goal.  When you reach it, set another.  That helps to keep things fresh and exciting.
  7. Be kind to yourself.  Making a new habit is hard – but good for you.  Reward yourself when you overcome a temptation to fall back to old ways.  You are so worth the effort to make a healthier lifestyle for yourself and your family.  You deserve to feel good, have more energy and not scramble like a chicken with her head chopped off trying to figure out what you are going to do when life tosses a speed bump in your path.

There is so much more information in this article but you need to read it for yourself.  It is featured in the Eat Clean magazine by Prevention. It has so much good and practical information.

Bye for now.


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