Hello, everybody.

I hope you were able to catch our video on Facebook yesterday.  Amy and I covered a range of topics that we felt needed to be discussed.  One of the topics was about motivation.

Today on the Hungry Girl Instagram she talked about the very same thing – motivation.  I thought I would share her points with you (they are excellent).

  1. Set the bar low.  Commit to doing something small.  This will create momentum. Keep resetting the commitment as soon as you accomplish one. Baby steps to your goal is just as valid as giant leaps.
  2. Find a buddy. (we suggested this one yesterday 🙂 ) Going  through something  with someone else makes everything easier.
  3. Watch motivational videos or listen to motivational podcasts.
  4. Listen to music.  Music can boost your mood, then you can accomplish what you set out to do.
  5. Make it a goal. Make it a goal to do it not to enjoy it.  Back when I was able to walk a long distance, I hated every step but I loved the outcome and the way it made me feel so I did it.
  6. Make it fun. Take a break and do something that you’ll have fun doing.
  7. Take progress photos.  This will remind you of how far you have come.
  8. After feeling.  Think about how it will make you feel afterwards. See my explanation on #5.
  9. Go outdoors.  Some sunshine and fresh air can make a world of difference.

These are all good ideas.  Yesterday we added one that I think helps even more than these.  Remember your “why.”  Why do you want to make a lifestyle change?  Why do you need to make changes in your life? You have to have a good enough why to be able to overcome any distraction and self-doubt.  And don’t let yourself settle for some flimsy why such as “I want to look better for my reunion.”  That is a temporary goal not a why to hinge your whole life on.  Give some serious thought to what your why is.  Write it down and look at it often.  Your process may have to change to accommodate changes in physical conditions or location hindrances but the why doesn’t change.

Let me know your thoughts on this topic.  What is your why?

Bye for now.


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