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Do you like to work puzzles?  My mother does.  So does my brother and his wife.  They all enjoy sitting and patiently looking for the right piece to fit in a certain hole.  Then when the puzzle is finished, they leave it out so everyone who comes by can admire their accomplishment.

I am not that patient.  When I go to my mother’s house, I pass by her table where the unfinished puzzle is lying and I get interested for a few minutes. I sit down and work on it until something more interesting comes along.  I am not a good candidate for puzzle completion. By now you may be wondering what puzzles have to do with adopting a healthier lifestyle. Not much.  But that’s not what I want to talk about.

Patience.  That’s the word for today.  Baby steps is kind of synonymous with patience. After all, you can not make all of the needed changes over night and hope to be successful.  You need to be patient with yourself and the changes you are making.  When you adopt one baby step it takes time to make it become a habit.  I did not give up diet soda in a day.  Yes, I quit drinking them but it took a long time to remove the craving and the urge to turn into a Sonic for a Route 44 diet Dr. Pepper every time I drove past one.  It took a while for me to convince myself that I had to give up all soda (diet and regular) if I was going to beat my dependence on them.  I am proud to say that I have not had artificial sweeteners (in anything) for over a year and I have not had a soda of any kind for several months. Now during this time I would take on a new baby step challenge but I never gave up working on the first step – giving up artificial sweeteners.

For several months I have been giving you a new baby step on Tuesdays.  There are a lot of baby steps. I don’t really expect you to master each one of them in a week.  Some of them might take several months like it did me.  But the whole point is to have the patience to see your baby step through until the change becomes a habit.  Have you been successful with any?  Which one are you working on now and how is that going?

So Today’s baby step is just to have patience with yourself.  So what if you slip up once in a while.  Nobody is keeping score except you so take it easy on yourself.  Enjoy the baby step.  But most importantly, be patient with yourself.

Bye for now.


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