I am a recent new comer to a magazine that’s been around for decades.  It is the Consumer Reports.®  I have seen them on the newsstand at the checkout in the grocery and at the mag rack at Barnes and Nobles.  Rarely do I pay any attention to this particular magazine  because I thought it was for tech geeks (no offense intended if you are an avid reader of CR or you are into tech things).  But the October 2018 issue is different.  It caught my eye because it has a picture (cartoon) of a colorful cow marked up with various drugs and the caption reads, “What’s Really in Your Meat?”  Food?  Meat? This is the very thing I am on the look out for – food with unhealthy additives.

steak meat raw herbs
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(The picture is inserted by me, it is not associated with this article.)

Are Banned Drugs in Your Meat?
How did they get into food? What’s known about the risks? And what can be done to keep these drugs off your plate?
By Rachel Rabkin Peachman
August 29, 2018

The article is very interesting. It delves into the FDA testing (or lack there of) done on the meat supply produced in America.  The findings are pretty scary.  They did say that organic is closest to being pure meat.  But let’s face it, not all of us can afford to buy organic, especially if we have a large family to feed.  Get the magazine and tell me what you think.

And speaking of meat that has antibiotics in it, go to the Consumer Reports web page at: and check out this article on the beef being used at the fast food (and other) restaurants.

Most Burger Chains Get Failing Grades for Antibiotics Use
A new report shows where quick-service restaurants stand on serving meat and poultry raised without antibiotics

It should make you think twice about where you get your burgers if you are still eating at fast food places.  If you don’t know how healthy your burger joint beef is and you can’t be sure of your grocery meat unless it is organic – what are you supposed to do?  Be diligent.  There are healthy choices out there.  You just have to be aware and take control of your health® and your family’s health.  I know you can do it.  And resources like the Consumer Reports® can help you.

I recommend this magazine and the web page for your information.  Put this important information in your personal text-book for future reference.

Bye for now.



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