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Hello everybody and happy Thursday.

Sugar.  Such a sweet thing that is so bad for you.  Natural sugars – like those found in fruits, vegetables, dairy and grain – are easily processed by your body to be a slow and steady supply of energy.  But added sugars – processed sugars – are not processed well by your body.  They spike insulin in your blood and then stored in your body as fat.

I will not deny that processed sugars taste good.  They do.  Candies, cakes, soda, pies, etc. are things that we have eaten for rewards, special occasions and as emotional support. But that does not make them good for us.  Our bodies are screaming at us for stuffing that bad food into our bodies.  We are forcing our liver to handle things it was not designed to handle.  So the liver does the only thing it knows to do with processed sugar (fructose), it makes fat cells with it.  Actually, according to, there are 12 ways sugar harms out bodies.

  1. Weight gain.  Putting on too much weight can cause diabetes and some cancers.
  2. Heart Disease.  One in 10 Americans gets 1/4 or more of their daily calories from added sugar. If you are one of those people you are more than twice as likely to die from heart disease.
  3. Diabetes. When sugar stays in your bloodstream for long periods, your body has a tendency to make less insulin, or the insulin does not work as well.
  4. High blood pressure. There is research that shows sugar raises blood pressure by spiking the insulin level too high.  This causes the blood vessels to be less flexible and cause your kidneys to hold onto water and sodium.
  5. High cholesterol. Sugary diets raise your LDL (bad cholesterol) and lowers the HDL (good cholesterol).  Sugary diets also raise the blood fats, triglycerides.
  6. Liver disease. Processed sugar is called fructose.  Fructose is turned into fat in your liver. This fat builds up in your liver and causes swelling and scarring.
  7. Cavities.  Sugar causes cavities by feeding the bad bacteria in your mouth.
  8. Poor sleep.  Sugar messes with your blood glucose levels causing energy spikes and crashes.
  9. ADHD.  This is added as a possible harm.  Research is ongoing about this.  But any parent can tell you that kids get pretty hyper after feasting on Easter candy and Halloween candy.  Am I right?
  10. Mood problems.  Sugar has been linked to mental health problems.  Sugar can fuel depression and anxiety.
  11. Gout.  You have heard that gout is caused by eating too much red meat but it also is caused by eating too much  organ meats, lobster AND SUGAR.
  12. Kidney stones.  Too much fructose (processed sugar) causes kidney stones.

Sugar is not the sweet little treat that we imagine it is.  Granted a bite or two every once in a while will not cause the terrible consequences listed above.  But how many of us can stop at just a bite or two?

Whether or not you eat processed sugar is your business.  As so me, I am going to cut it out of my diet as much as possible.  My rule of thumb is, if it’s not actually home-made, I’m not going to eat it.  That means if my Mother makes one of her awesome chocolate pies, I’m going to have a slice.  Then I will leave the rest of it alone – no matter how much she tries to make me eat it.  Now, if all she has is a store bought pie (ex: Mrs. Edwards), I am not going to eat that.  Too many preservatives and ingredients I don’t want in my body.

Bye for now. 🙂


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