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Long time no see (me).  Things have been crazy in DebbieWebbie land.  If only the eating fiascos at Thanksgiving were my only problems.  But, alas, they were not. Maybe this sounds familiar.

Christmas.  I have 3 grandgirls and a nephew that are of the age that I participate with in gift giving.  My grown children and my siblings know that our getting together and sharing a meal and watching the kiddoes open their gifts is our yuletide festivity.  But just because I don’t give lavish gifts to everyone I know, it doesn’t mean that Christmas isn’t a financial burden.  It seems the more I try to economize the more I end up spending.  Who can relate?

Food.  We are all trying to eat healthy this year so that we don’t start the New Year worse off than when we started this year.  When I am fixing for myself, I’m able to do mostly organic but when I am cooking for a large crowd, organic goes out the window.  Also, I can’t control what others bring to the table. The Thanksgiving meal is a veritable cornucopia of delights – everything from turkey to taters, banana pudding to breads, Jell-O creations to jellied cranberry sauce.  Vegetables? Only if they are candied or in casseroles.  My eating plan was to eat only a bite or two of only my most favorite things.  That worked until the pecan pie was introduced.  Hello, pie.  Meet your old friend, Debbie. Hopefully I have gotten that demon out of my system because we are about to have round two – Christmas dinner.

Stress. The weekend before Thanksgiving, my grown son (he’s 42) decided to pull a stunt on a dirt bike up at the deer lease.  He broke his right arm and left leg.  He had surgeries on both.  Two days after his accident, my Mother (she’s 88) fell and broke her left arm.  She is having surgery for that on Friday of this week. I am torn between the two with doctors appointments and various testings – MRI, X-ray, blood, CT scan, you catch my drift?

In the past I would have turned to my regular coping mechanism – eating copious amounts of junk food (especially chocolate).  But, because of working on several of the baby steps we have discussed, I didn’t fall into my old familiar rut.  I stayed away from fast food and only ate what was on hand at home.  And I always made sure there was healthy food at home.  I keep several quick foods on hand for when I come home late or I am just too tired to put much effort into a meal.  I eat a lot of eggs – only from organically fed and cage free chickens. I keep cheese sticks on hand too.  There are lots of things you can keep at easy access if you really want to try to eat healthy.

I think the big lesson I am trying to draw here is that you need to make healthy habits now so that when your routine gets interrupted you are not scrambling for the right foods or worse, you fall back on old habits and put your health in danger.  Look back over the Baby Step Tuesday posts and pick one to become your new habit.

That’s all I’ve got for today.

Bye for now.


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