Happy New Year to you all!

Have you made any resolutions? Have you made any “healthy” resolutions? I have. Let’s share our goals for 2019.

I read that one should not make unattainable resolutions. An example would be,”I’m going to excercise 60 minutes every day” or ” I’m going to get up two hours earlier everyday so I can go to the gym.” We all know that something will happen and we won’t fulfill that resolution. Instead make your goals resonable and attainable.

For me, I am going to “move” every day. I may only walk to the mailbox but that is a “movement” for the day.

Also I will strictly limit my trips to fast food restaurants. Not only is the food unhealthy but it is so expensive. What I pay for one burger, fries and a drink could buy two meals that I fix at home.

And I will excercise my brain in the new year too. Reading and researching my favorite topics. I joined a book of the month club. I resolve to read at least one book a month. Fiction and non fiction.

Do you have any resolutions? Let’s hear about them.

That’s all for now.


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