Day of Truth

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Hello, all.

Today is my day of truth.  Perhaps it will be yours too.

The truth is – I am a hypocrite.  That’s the ugly truth.  I talk about how you need to cut sugar out of your diet and I can not force myself to do it.  I know the facts: sugar is a killer, sugar is addictive, sugar feeds cancer, sugar and sugar substitutes are in almost every processed food on the market, sugar hides on food labels by using unfamiliar names.  Yet, I still get a pleasure from eating sugar in all of its forms.

It is an ongoing struggle for me.  I can go a long while without sugar and think that I have kicked my “habit,” think I can control It, but I fall off the wagon.  And I don’t just have a bite of something sweet – I have a lot of bites over several days.  Am I the only one this happens to?

But – I am not a loser.  I might lose this battle, but if I keep trying to beat that sugar monster I will eventually win the war.  It is perseverance that keeps me in the battle.  Ultimately I will be a healthier person and I will be an  example of someone who looked my sugar addiction in the eye and beat it.

Who’s with me in this battle?  Let me know how you over come the sugar monster.

My battle cry, “Down with Sugar!!!! (and sugar substitutes 🙂 )”

Bye for now.



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