Memorial Monday

Hello all.

I hope you are enjoying time with loved ones today. If you are working, know that you are appreciated- no matter what job you have.

I’m sitting on the patio at my Mother’s house cooking the burger patties and all beef weiners. I will admit that I am not eating as clean as I should be but, Im doing it this way in memory of my childhood. Before the growth hormones and the genetic modifications. Before the ground was saturated with pesticides and other chemicals now used by the big conglomerate farms. Back when Mother made mouth-watering burgers and the tomatoes were rich and juicy. She also baked a cake and my Dad cranked up some homemade vanilla ice cream.

Tomorrow I will get back to being careful about clean eating. But today I’m thinking about my childhood and the loved ones I have lost. This burger’s for them.

Bye for now.


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